.id – the population experts

For 20 years, we’ve worked to build an enterprise that contributes to a good society.

We’re a group brought together by a strong desire to help develop communities where everyone has access to housing, education, employment, social & political inclusion, culture, health, recreation and information.

Our people have deep expertise in demographics, economics, housing and population forecasting. These specialists work closely with spatial analysts and software developers to uncover and communicate important stories about people and places.
.id are known for the .id community suite – a network of over 300 local area profiles for places across Australia and New Zealand. Commissioned by government, these tools are made freely available to the public to uncover the stories of people, housing and economies of local areas.
In addition to these public resources, .id work closely with the private sector to help them understand population trends so they can make informed decisions about demand for services and invest with confidence in infrastructure and facilities.

Find out more at home.id.com.au