YPConnect Masterclass

Wednesday 15 May

1pm – 4pm

Get to know the tech – V2i Realtime shaping the future of Planning

Technology, it’s everywhere and integrated into our daily lives, through our phones, tablets and gaming systems, but it’s severely lacking from our Planning system. Come and join two Australian tech entrepreneurs that are disrupting the planning industry: Luke Brannelley, founder of V2i Group, and Jessica Christiansen-Franks, co-founder of Neighbourlytics will explore the future of planning by sharing their technologies, personal journeys, lessons and ambitions for changing Australian cities.

Transforming planning by allowing people to see the changes to the world, V2i are leading the charge globally for visualisation technology. We all know reading 2D plans is a skill mainly planners and architects are gifted with, but the general public struggles. V2i help to break down this barrier by showing designs and the future of cities and development in a digestible and relatable format.

Through the innovative use of social media data, Neighbourlytics is helping urban planners across the world to see the neighbourhood through locals’ eyes, and providing insight into some of the most hard hitting urban issues around wellbeing, social connectedness, and local identity.

Join the Young Planners in a session of knowledge, interest and future-proofing our careers by seeing if the future of planning is to be done by coders?

Keynote Speaker 

Jessica Christiansen-Franks

Jessica Christiansen-Franks is an urban designer and social entrepreneur who has dedicated her career to understanding the social dynamics of urbanisation. Passionate about creating neighbourhoods people love and feel connected to, Jessica is a thought leader in innovative citizen participation, and particularly the value of ‘placemaking’ as a tool for collaboration and inspiring active citizenship. With experience across Australia, as well as the UK, Canada, India, Vietnam and the Philippines, Jessica has been fortunate enough to advise the public and private sectors, along with major international aid agencies. As Co-founder and CEO of Neighbourlytics, Jessica has side stepped into the world of big data to develop a social analytics platform for neighbourhood development. Neighbourlytics harnesses social data feeds to provide real time insights into local neighbourhood identity, place attachment and social connectedness.

Luke Brannelly

35 years ago, Luke embarked on a career as a Master Planner and Urban Designer. His travel, and project portfolio includes a broad range of lifestyle masterplanned communities and resorts across the world. Over the last 20 years, Luke has been utilising the latest 3D technology and knowledge transfer techniques to effectively communicate his clients’ visions. Luke is now focused on passionately exploring, and delivering, solutions and business strategies, to help the property industry embrace and understand the full potential that this next generation of immersive, interactive, user experience and business intelligence technologies can provide to dramatically reshape, and improve business and project efficiencies, return on investment, and user engagement, across the entire property and development sector.