Planiter – Streamlining DA Research

Planiter is designed to cut out time spent researching many council web sites and working out where particular applications are located. It enables professionals to focus on the higher-value of providing advice, rather than the basics of research.

Planiter tracks development applications geographically across Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia, the Northern Territory and the ACT. It covers 90% of the population which is where most of the development activity takes place. The applications are all presented on a single Google map. It shows development applications in their geographic context – no matter the jurisdiction.

Planiter gives immediate access to over 1.3 million applications and nearly 4 million documents and is updated daily.

Planning consultants, development advisory services and large asset owners use Planiter to:

• Easily keep up to date with development applications they are interested in
• Do rapid research on a location before meeting with an existing or prospective client
• Search for precedents in an area – for example one Planiter subscriber used this in advising a client on what might be possible in a particular area, even given the constraints of the council’s development plan
• Easily identify and track developments near a client’s assets to enable submissions should there be inappropriate development proposed nearby. Planiter’s subscribers use this to great effect for both individual assets and linear infrastructure which might traverse hundreds of kilometres and multiple jurisdictions

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