Isovist is a combined Software and Planning company, bringing experience and expertise in both fields together to provide simple and effective web based planning tools that lead the field. On top of the expertise we bring, we work collaboratively with our council clients to ensure our products remain at the leading edge, providing the high quality and cost effective IT tools that planners need.

For example, our cutting edge online plan tool (IsoPlan) brings plans and GIS together to provide a simple and intuitive interface for a plan user to search and navigate their way through council planning documents.  A key feature of this is interface is that, by having GIS at its heart, IsoPlan enables a user to quickly find the specific planning information that relates to a specific location, and to also find the relevant information for a specific activity.  We haven’t stopped there though.  IsoPlan also comes with an easy to use built in editor, which enables councils to draft, maintain and update their plans going forward in a clear, managed and trackable manner.

….and we also provide on-line consultation tools and a development application management system which can be combined with IsoPlan to provide a fully integrated planning system.

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